What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Pain Management

One of the reasons why Kratom is so popular is down to the fact that it can be used for such a wide variety of purposes.

Whether you require kratom for pain relief, for an energy-boost or for any other of the plethora of uses it has, there will be several strains available that ticks all the boxes. That being said, it can be somewhat difficult (not to mention costly) task trying to find out which strain best serves your purpose. For some very detailed, kratom strain reviews with proper advice on kratom dosage for pain, anxiety, energy, and euphoria, visit: Longbeachcomber.com

However if you don’t have time to read long articles on the topic, don’t worry, we’ve put together this article to give you a helping hand in understanding the variety of Kratom strains out there and which are the best choices for pain relief. Kratom strains typically vary in both type and quantity of alkaloids present.

The greater the number of specific alkaloids (that are effective at pain relief), the more effective it will be, and with pain relief being one of the primary reasons, if not the primary reason why people use Kratom it’s important to know what options there are.

The analgesic effect of Kratom is largely determined by the amount of two specific alkaloids – 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

These alkaloids interact with the body’s opioid receptors (by acting in a similar way to our natural pain killer – endorphins), and reduce the amount of pain felt after an injury has occurred. As you would expect, strains with higher concentrations of the aforementioned alkaloids will have a more powerful analgesic effect.

But which strains are best for pain?

From my experience, the following kratom strains are the best for physical and mental pain relief.

Maeng Da: This is widely regarded as the most potent kratom strain for pain management available on the market today and is utilized by many, many Kratom users for the relief of pain from such ailments as arthritis, chronic pain and in some cases cancer.

In large amounts it is known to cause a sedative effect, so be aware of this before deciding how much of this strain you’re going to take to manage your pain.

Red Vein Bali: This particular strain (especially the White Vein Bali), has a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, meaning that it will have a substantial analgesic effect once ingested. People using Bali have noted that not only does it reduce pain, it also increases the tolerance to pain, or to coin an old adage, ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

which kratom is the best for pain

Milder, More Gentle Kratom StrainsFfor Pain And Anxiety

Green Malay: As you’ve probably guessed, this strain originates from Malaysia, and is known for have mild to medium pain-reducing effects. Although in most cases people will search for the strongest Kratom strain possible, there are instances where only light pain relief is required and the Malay strain is an ideal candidate under these circumstances.

Green Borneo: This is another type of Kratom that is renowned for its analgesic effects, and has been used by many to relieve joint and muscle pain, as well as forms of more chronic pains and similar ailments.

Borneo is well known for being extremely strong (only slightly less potent than the aforementioned Maeng Da), so always proceed with caution before taking it. Starting off with a very low dose is a wise decision – you can then increase the dose as you decipher both how much you require for pain relief, and how much your body can tolerate before any negative side effects kick in.

Although this brief article only touches upon the basics of which are the best kratom strains for pain relief, we do hope that it was beneficial to you and may help you to select which Kratom strain is the best choice for your current circumstances.

Synthetic urine to pass drug test

Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is always a good idea, because if you choose the right synthetic urine to brand its basically undetectable, relatively cheap and it doesn’t require any preparation (except heating the urine). If you decide to use detox drinks or detox pills, you need to stop smoking weed, eat healthily, drink shittons of water and so on..a real pain to detox your system. Synthetic urine doesn’t require any of these, there are only two points where you can fail:

  • Choosing low-quality fake urine for a drug test
  • Do not keep the urine sample on the right temperature

Best synthetic urine to pass a drug test

The best synthetic urine brands are :

  1. Sub Solution
  2. Quick Fix
  3. Monkey Whizz

synthetic urine to pass drug test

These fake urines all contains urea, uric acid, and some essential chemicals that are found in the real human urine. I would not recommend testing other brands, because most of them are crap. There might be some other good brands as well, but the most famous ones are very low quality. I am talking about magnum, U pass synthetic urine, Agent X or Klean Stream Urine kit. Do not risk your job just to save a few bucks. Sub Solution cost double like other urine brands, but you will pass your test guaranteed.

The next thing what you should keep in mind when you decide to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test is the temperature. If its too cold or overheated, the lab assistant will refuse your sample immediately and you will need to redo the test or they will simply mark it as failed. Sub Solution synthetic urine comes with heat activator powder and the flask has a thermometer built in, so it’s relatively easy and fast to achieve the right urine temperature which is 94-98 degrees.

If you are using Quick Fix synthetic urine, Monkey Whizz or anything else, then you will need to microwave the urine sample for a few seconds, then wrap the flask with handwarmer and you should be good to go.

Make sure the urine flask has a thermometer built in otherwise you are fucked.

How much does good synthetic urine cost?

The best synthetic urine brand is sub solution as I mentioned before and its the most expensive on the market. One bottle costs 75$ with free shipping. It comes with heat activator powder, urine flask thermometer built in and the urine contains 13 essential chemicals what are normally found in the real human urine. Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix cost the same, 39$ for a bottle, they are also good, but not as perfect as sub solution.

If you decide to go with crap like Agent X or Magnum, then you can get them for as low as 20$, but do not have high expectations and pray for a very simple test where they do not check for special chemicals. If urine will be sent to the lab you are also fucked, so better if you prepare and order a bottle of Sub Solution in time.

Keep n mind, synthetic urine works if the test is unsupervised if someone will be in the room with you, watching you peeing then using synthetic urine is not an option unless you have a synthetic urine belt, but to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it, way too risky. Better if you buy a bottle of Mega Clean with Toxin Rid Pre Rid tablets or a bottle of Rescue Cleanse. Both work!

If you decide to use detox drinks for your upcoming drug test you should keep in mind that you can not smoke! You must stop smoking weed/uring drugs a couple of days before the test, the earlier the better. To speed up your system’s cleansing process I advise you to exercise as much as you can (or do anything that makes you sweat), drink water as much as you can, avoid fast food and unhealthy fatty foods and try to eat as much fiber-rich food as possible.

Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean and Ultra feminine are all good options, but none of them are as safe as high-quality synthetic urine such as Sub Solution and QuiCk fix 6.2.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

You’re not alone if you are showing up to work high. An estimate of 9.8% of U.S citizens smokes marijuana before getting to work. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is an inherent controversial matter which questions where the line should be demarcated between the right to professionalism and the right to privacy.

In most developing and industrialized countries, employers are not required to alcohol and drug test and several local and state governments have laws which prohibit or limit drug and alcohol testing in the workplace unless required by state regulations for certain occupations.

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is a relatively new phenomenon around the globe. Some employers prescribe it as an effective approach to managing alcohol and drug abuse at work.

Reasons for alcohol and drug testing

While the Health and Safety Executive and the UK and US government consider that there is no need for extensive drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, there are many organizations where it is regarded as necessary in specific safety-critical areas like public transport, police, armed forces, and prison service.

Eighty-nine percent of employers from main UK firms mentioned that alcohol consumption was a concern for their companies.

The major concerns include:

  • Lateness
  • Poor performance and loss of productivity
  • Adverse impact on employee relations and team morale
  • Safety concerns
  • Negative impact on company reputation and customer relations

Reasonable suspicion testing

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, it’s employer’s duty to protect the safety and health of their workers and to ensure that workers are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working.

State law requires employers to test their workers already known and should be tested and steps are taken to help them. But based on the rising number of employees who arrive to work under the influence, employers are required to implement policies for testing workers they suspect of using alcohol and drugs before reporting to the respective jobs.

An employer can implement a reasonable suspicion testing policy which includes best practices such as:

  • Incorporate reasonable-suspicion drug/alcohol screening in written company policies which are distributed to workers to make them informed that they are subject to testing
  • Train all supervisors regularly to identify symptoms of intoxication, to document such signs, and appropriately build reasonable suspicion
  • Use clear, simple language in describing symptoms observed
  • Obtain a second opinion when a supervisor/manager suspects a worker of alcohol or drug use so that to protect the organization, the supervisor/manager, and the rights of the worker
  • As soon as possible do the test after relieving a worker from duty because of suspicion of drug use or intoxication


For an employer to conduct an alcohol or drug test, workers must give their written consent for both tests. Employers wishing to introduce drug and alcohol testing in the workplace must incorporate such information on the employees’ contract of employment.


Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is legally binding provided that it is administrated fairly and enforced by law. Employers should refresh themselves about the rights of their employees versus drug testing. With the incorporation of drug/alcohol testing in company policy, staff handbook, and employment contract, employers can easily enforce best practices to protect the company from liability and workplace from accidents.

Numbers Show Prescription Drug Abuse a Growing Problem

Prescription drug abuse has climbed to high enough levels in the United States that the White House is taking action to try to reverse what it characterizes as a “growing epidemic,” reported Reuters. President Donald Trump unveiled a plan this week that will commit an additional $123 million to drug prevention during the 2017 fiscal year. The new plan will also spend $99 million on funding drug treatment programs.

White House officials hope these measures will reverse a growing trend of prescription drug abuse and will result in better education on the dangers of prescription drugs. The ultimate goal is to save lives. A look at these numbers demonstrates there is a ton of work ahead to reverse this problem:

33 million: Number of Americans aged 12 and older that the Food and Drug Administration estimates misused prescription drugs in 2017 alone. It represents an increase of 4 million from the 29 million who abused prescription drugs in 2017.

Prescription Drugs

$234.1 billion: Amount of money spent on prescription drugs in the United States in 2017 alone. This sum more than quadrupled the amount spent on prescribed medications in 2010.

48: Percentage of Americans who used at least one prescription drug per month from 2014 to 2017. This is a 4 percent increase from usage levels a decade ago.

90: Percentage of Americans aged 60 or older who have used a prescription drug in the past month. Most of these are a result of combating age-related diseases. Some are a result of doctors over-prescribing medicines. Cholesterol-lowering drugs were the most commonly used type.

20: Percentage of U.S. children who have used a prescription drug in the past month. Medicines designed to combat asthma are the most common type prescribed.

78: Percentage of emergency department visits to U.S. hospitals during 2017 that included some sort of drug therapy.

2.3 billion: Number of drugs ordered or provided during physician visits in 2017. This represents more than four times the amount of drugs ordered or provided during outpatient hospital visits and emergency room visits combined during the same time period.

4.5 million: Number of U.S. teens in 2014 who reported abusing prescription drugs that were not originally prescribed to them. These drugs came from many sources — the most common being a friend, parent or other relative.

6.2 million: Average number of Americans aged 12 or older who abused prescription drugs during a single month in 2017. Prescription medications are the second most abused drug in the United States behind only marijuana. These drugs also show up on a drug test.


Therapeutic Drug Use, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Follow-Up: Admitted Marijuana Use by Top NFL Picks Does Not Affect Draft Status

A week ago, three premier NCAA football stars admitted to using marijuana, and many analysts wondered whether or not their decision to be honest would affect their status in the 2007 NFL Draft. All three players were selected in the top ten Saturday afternoon, silencing critics that questioned whether honesty was truly the best policy in this case.

In a Pro Football Weekly column printed last Thursday, the three blossoming young stars admitted that they had tried the illegal substance at one point in their lives. Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who was widely accepted as the best player in this year’s college crop, was the highest profile player of the three who admitted prior use. He was drafted number two overall by the Detroit Lions.

Apparently, his work ethic, character, and honesty overruled any worries Lions executives had about Johnson’s drug issues. Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams also claimed to have smoked pot a a teenager, but he was taken as the first defensive player in the draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the number four slot. Adams is the Bucs’ likely heir to the pass-rushing end spot held by Pro Bowler Simeon Rice, who has only one year remaining on his contract. Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, a 6’2” 300 lb. star, admitted that he tried the illegal substance in high school.

Okoye is only 19 years old, and he is the youngest player ever to be drafted into the NFL. He entered high school at age 12, and was a freshman at Louisville by the time he was 16. Okoye was taken number ten overall by the Houston Texans, who bolstered their defensive line for the second year in a row (they selected DE Mario Williams with the first pick in last year’s draft). Before the players announced at the NFL scouting combine that they had smoked marijuana, all three were expected to be drafted in the top ten- and that proved to be exactly what happened on Saturday in New York.


Because the three answered honestly, some analysts claimed that the players’ draft status should not be affected. Most players would have lied when asked that question to avoid the onslaught of media attention. In fact, Almost 80% of all Americans try marijuana by the time they are 21, according to a report by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Athletes are not exempt from this statistic, and it is incorrect to assume that many more players selected in this draft haven’t smoked the substance than have admitted it. The NFL does test for marijuana, and none of the three currently use the substance which generally finds its way out of the body in less than a month or so. Had the players slid down out of the top ten, they stood to lose millions of dollars in guaranteed salary and possible advertisement endorsements.

Judging by previous drafts and the increase in the NFL’s salary cap, all three players will likely receive very lucrative contracts. As the second pick, Johnson will probably sign for around $60 million dollars, with about $30 million guaranteed. Adams, as the franchise’s future defensive stud, will probably ink an offer sheet of close to $50 million. It is likely that Houston’s Okoye will join the roster for upwards of $30 million.

New NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has had his hands full while trying to clean up the image of his league. Cincinnati wide receiver Travis Henry and Tennessee corner back Adam “Pacman” Jones are both being suspended this season for off-the-field problems. Henry’s punishment is pending, and Jones has already been told that he will not be welcome in the NFL for the duration of the 16 game season. The idea of having to deal with three up-and-coming stars with drug problems was certainly not something Goodell wanted to think about. It appears that NFL scouts did not take much stake in the players’ admitting to marijuana usage, however. “If a kid just used pot once or twice, that’s not a big deal,” said one NFL assistant. One general manager told the media last week “If they have a problem, we’re going to find out..

.These guys were honest and they don’t have a problem that we can see. Now we’re going to punish them? That would be pretty stupid.”

Sarah Palin: Ex-Marijuana Smoker

I’m still trying to decide who I’ll vote for when November 4th rolls around. While researching the presidential candidates and their running mates I found more than enough juicy information. Sarah Palin seems to be the most controversial of the foursome.

Her 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant, and there is a controversy surrounding her youngest son, Trig.
More interesting information just popped up in the form of Sarah Palin admitting to smoking marijuana. This doesn’t come as a shocker as she isn’t the only elected official to admit to hitting the pipe.

Former president Bill Clinton is probably the most notorious of the marijuana smokers. Clinton had what has to be the best defense I’ve ever heard, claiming he, “didn’t inhale.” The country focused on our pot-smoking president and his admission of partial guilt for a while, then he became the “cool president.” Clinton’s transgressions while in office came under much more scrutiny than his marijuana use.

Sarah Palin weed

Sarah Palin defends her marijuana use too, just a little differently. Palin admits to smoking marijuana, but says that during the time that she used the drug it was legal in Alaska. The Supreme Court of Alaska ruled in 1975 that a person could legally possess up to 4 oz. of marijuana for personal use. The law was reversed in 1990, making it once again illegal to possess any amount of marijuana in the state of Alaska.

Sarah Palin was still committing a crime though, however she didn’t have to pass drug tests and wasn’t forced to use synthetic urine or detox drinks for drug test. The laws of The United States of America, the country she hopes to help lead, state that marijuana is illegal. Although the state of Alaska did not classify it as a crime, the United States has never wavered on the laws regulating the possession or use of marijuana.

If Palin had been caught by a city or state official with marijuana she would not have been accused of a crime. However, if a federal agent had caught her with the drug, she would have gone to jail. My point is that it is illegal in the United States, regardless of the laws of the individual state.

Sarah Palin goes one step further and offers another excuse: she says that although she smoked marijuana, she, “didn’t enjoy it.” I guess she is in the same boat with Bill Clinton then, because since he, “didn’t inhale,” he, “didn’t enjoy it,” either.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Marijuana


Marijuana, the mention of this innocuous little plant spurns fear in the hearts of straight laced hippy-haters everywhere. Even though it is so widely used and simultaneously feared, their is an amazing amount of false information about this plant that is widely accepted as well as recently-discovered beneficial properties that are not common knowledge. Without further ado, here is a list of ten surprising things you may not know or believe about this drug.1.Marijuana can make you a better driver (or at least not a much worse one).

There are a number of studies performed by official US and international transportation safety administrations detailing the minimal impairment from driving high, but did you know that some of the studies that set out to demonize the drug and show how pernicious it was when used by drivers actually exhibited evidence that marijauana may reduce your risk of being involved in a collision? A confounding issue in many previous studies indicating the dangers of this drug when combined with driving was the combination of pot and alcohol being used by accident victims.

2.Marijuana appears to decrease cancer risks.

Fox News reported that marijuana doesn’t raise the risk of lung cancer while new evidence indicates it may help treat lung cancer as well as slowing cervical cancer.

3.Marinol is not marijuana in pill form.

There is a host of evidence that suggests that THC in pill form, such as Marinol, provides a poor approximation of the theraputic benefits typically derived from cannabinoid-rich marijuana.

4.You can make cool stuff out of hemp.

You can construct buildings from it, and use it to create a blend of ultra strong and lightweight cement.

Henry ford made a car chassis out of the stuff

Green types love hemp stuff.

It can also provide a logical source of food, paper, medicine, textiles, and fuel.

5.Marijuana could hold the cure for Mad Cow Disease (BSE).

There is preliminary evidence that ingredients in marijuana may prevent the dangerous disease known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

6.Your ancestors smoked it

About 2700 years ago, our ancestors were using marijuana.

7.The AMA has always been a staunch supporter of medical marijuana.

The American Medical Association has opposed legislation against medical marijuana since 1937.

8.The founding fathers grew hemp and declared US independence on it.

Not only did Washington and Jefferson grow it, but the Declaration of Independence was written on it.

9.Legalization and the stop of drug testing would save enough money to bail out a few investment banks.

The government could net as much as $77 billion from legalizing marijuana.

10.Mariana may help stave off Alzheimers.

THC, found in marijuana, helps reduce brain inflammation and may stimulate production of new brain cells to help prevent Alzheimers.

Can you test positive for second hand smoke?

If you are employed in a company which is known for its random drug testing procedures, then you should be responsible and not smoke any pot at all. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug which is easily available and also, easily identifiable in almost every test.

In fact, the drug tends to stay in your body for several weeks after you have smoked it and can be detected easily. The most commonly conducted test, urinalysis or urine drug test, offers 99 per cent accuracy for marijuana use even after 4 weeks of use. This is why it is important that you don’t smoke weed if you want to continue working in the current place of job.

However, it is not necessary for people to get worried about a drug test simply because they smoke weed. Some people who don’t use cannabis can also fail the test because of being exposed to lots of smoke. This might seem implausible and a joke to many but there have been cases of people failing tests because of second hand smoke.

The most recent and famous case was that of NFL player, Josh Gordon, who was disqualified because the drug levels in his system were 16 nanograms per milliliter while the threshold is 15 nanogram per milliliter. He said it was due to being exposed to second hand smoke of those smoking around him but what he said doesn’t seem to have affected the authorities and their decision. So, if you ask the question ‘Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke?’, the answer would be yes, that it is possible but not a phenomenon which is observed often.

Many people report getting high from just staying around those who smoke pot and if passive smoke does get you high, it will definitely show up in your urine test results as well. But, for second hand smoke to actually add to the amount of THC metabolites in your urine stream to a level that you fail an industrial urine drug test, you need to be exposed to really high amounts of it in highly unventilated spaces. Ventilation will prevent the passive smoke to enter your system and make room for more fresh air instead.

So, if someone around you like a close friend or relative smokes pot a lot and you are worried that their use of the substance can ruin your career, there are two things you can do. Either you can make sure that the room you are in with that person is always well ventilated and the person knows about the strict drug policies of your company (and respects this) so they start smoking less when you are around. If this does not work in your favor, you need to draw yourself away from those who smoke weed to protect your job.

If THC is present in your system, then I advise you to check out my previous article on how to pass a drug test the fastest way or you can also try synthetic urine, check out my latest review.

Fastest way to pass a drug test for thc

Are you looking for the fastest way to pass a drug test for THC?

What can you do to pass a drug test? Can you even do it? Yes, there is hope for you and you can do it in a day using home remedies but the chances these methods will work in such a short span of time are very less.

So whats the safest way to pass a drug test in such a short period of time? Synthetic urine or detox drinks for drug test. Below you can get a few more ways to pass it or at least delay the test.

Call in sick on the day of the test

By calling in sick on the day of the test, you can buy yourself more time. More time is better for many methods to work and gives your system more time to dispel the toxins. This might not be an answer to the question, ‘how to pass a drug test in a day?’ but it is certainly a helpful alternative if the chances of you clearing the test are almost nil.

Take multivitamin capsules and drink lots of water

Drink lots and lots of water so that it dilutes your urine to the point it contains mostly H2O and lesser amounts of metabolites. However, a sample which is too clear in color can be discarded by the testers which is where multivitamin capsules that contain vitamin B12 come into play. are important if you are trying to use the dilution method as vitamin B12 will give your urine a yellow color and decrease the suspicion factor.

Take aspirin and midol

Aspirin can mess with the EMIT screening test and also masks certain parts of the urine before even being detected in the urine stream. Midol is a medication used to treat bloating during the menstruation period but it is also an effective diuretic which will safely clean your urine in the day before the day of the test by promoting more urine production and loss of salts.

So whats the safest and fastest way to pass a drug test for thc or any other drugs?

fake piss for drug test

Get synthetic urine or a urine sample from a clean donor – urinalysis requires you to present a urine sample – but it is not necessary that it is your own, right?

Who would know if you slip in a bottle of synthetic urine or urine from a clean person with you and fill the cup with it. This is much trickier than how it sounds since many testing agencies now look for uric acid in a urine sample and many synthetic urines do not have that compound.

So, if you are going to get yourself fake urine, make sure that uric acid is a listed ingredient. Secondly, the temperature of the urine is also important. If you present the tester with an ice cold urine sample, it would certainly raise their suspicion and you would be in trouble. I will write a more in depth article about synthetic urine soon, how to choose it, how to use it and how to keep urine on the right temperature.

These ways might help you or might not, it depends on how often you smoke, how fast your metabolism is, and how fast your body expels the toxins.